Dance Recital, Covid Style

Two months after it was originally scheduled and split into smaller sessions for physical distancing, the girls finally got to have their dance recital. 
Emma danced Monday, ballet, tap, and jazz. 
I see a hint of adult Emma in this photo!
Waiting for Ellie to dance. Masks. Ugh. 
Ellie in the middle, second row.
She has grown so much as a dancer this year in both ballet and jazz.

Always styling. 

Precious girl!

Ashley sent this; the girls arranging flowers from E.W. and Papa.
Emma told me later that they had flowers all over the house!

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Berryman Boys

While mama and daddy were at the beach with adult friends, we got to spend time with the Berryman boys. They are busy and loud but SO much fun. We are learning that the older our grandchildren get, the more we enjoy their individual personalities. 
Pancakes every morning at Mia’s. Couldn’t talk them into anything else.
It’s tradition and I kind of love that. 

Trying to figure out how to play The Floor is Lava
without jumping on the furniture!
Television break. 

Banks ran fever off and on nearly the whole time he was here but felt fine.
His typical MO after having a cold. 
Visiting with the cousins.
Raft as water slide. 
Grey thinks he’s a big kid.
E.W. was right there for safety, though. 
Ninja break from swimming.

‘Bout to slide.

They were not happy to pose but look how they love each other!

Also vanilla.
Yes, another vanilla. Not one of the chose chocolate; I was so surprised!

Noodling around in the driveway. 
A little golf.

Time for art.

Thankful for sweet neighbors who let us bring the kids to their pool.
“Watch me, Mia!”
No worries; my eyes were glued to that diving board when they were on it. 

Grey loved it; he could touch!

Saturday night pizza party and
yes, all three chose vanilla again. 
Scarlett on Sunday after the boys left with Kate and Jay.
After being banished to the outside all week to keep
Banks’ allergies at bay, she was quite offended!

Words for Today

Do not be over-anxious about anything, but by prayer and earnest pleading, together with thanksgiving, let your request be unreservedly made known in the presence of God.

Philippians 4:6
Weymouth New Testament

Wash, rinse, repeat.

The rest of the week followed the same routine but watching the kids dig, swim, ride waves, eat, and eat some more never got old. There were quite a few times when I just appreciated the moments. I don’t take being with my kids and their families for granted. This was our tenth year and I hope we have many more.

Here are some of those moments, in completely random order.

Tift sibs

Bowers sibs – my “babies”

Playing on the beach will wear you out!

Got chilly in the pool!

Solitary walk first thing on my birthday, a morning for reflection.

One night we actually put on go-out-in-public clothes
and went to eat with Wanda and Powell. It’s the only time
I left Shipwatch the entire week!

Happy Birthday, America! It was a good, good day.

Our first full day and we had to get in the spirit fast. It was nice to be able to mostly put the pandemic out of our minds and just be together at the beach. Thankful for a week together before we go back to reality.
These kids were ready to go! I think Ellie was still sleeping.

Seize the day.

Some things are the same, year after year. 

Always something with these two.
The Berrymans posed up but the Bowers group’s photos
are on someone else’s phone.

happy place

Siblings, cousins, friends, and cousins of cousins!

These six fill my heart!

Loves, loves the ocean.

Brothers catch a wave together and mama loves it!

Mack boogie boards with style.

Our six grandkids playing in the ocean together. Makes me happy!
Banks thinks it’s pretty fabulous!
Our people.
Our granddaughters are so beautiful…

…not sure what we did to be blessed with two of them.

We attempted family photos. 
There were no fireworks scheduled this year (to keep large crowds from gathering) but we decided it was the best fireworks night yet. Jekyll and Sea Island had them; we’re not sure where all of the other large displays were coming from, but they were great. This is what our crowd was doing. 

Record Highs

State numbers have hit an all-time high. I keep hearing reports of people not wearing masks and although that’s a controversial issue, we prefer to err on the side of caution when in stores, etc. Sadly, I stopped going to classes at the Y as of last Wednesday as an extra precaution; we’re doing all we can to stay healthy before vacation. Thankfully it will be easy to social distance at the beach and eating in and getting takeout will be the norm this year. Mama (who I have not been able to visit since March!) always has said that salt water will cure whatever ails you; we’re hoping that includes mental ailments, too. So much time spent locked down just is not good for the soul. 2020 has brought its share of stressors, for sure. My prayer list just gets longer all the time.

It appears that national numbers have, too. 
Just nine more cases locally and thankfully, still no deaths for more than a week.
I’ve read that it’s expected by some that around 70% of the population will have had this virus before all is said and done, many asymptomatic. 

Up, Up, Up

Numbers are definitely going the wrong way. We’re back to staying home for the most part but still planning our week at the beach, where we can be socially distant from new people but understand that anything involving leaving the house carries some risk. Praying that being with my people cures the blues that are hovering. 
This has creeped up from 1.02 over the last week or so. 

More testing or more actual cases? Who knows?

Bottom line. 

This number has risen considerably, which is why I
am trying to stay home until we leave for the beach.
Confirmed cases have double since June 6 but only
three additional deaths. Again, I’m wondering if
more testing is responsible for the increase. 

Meeting Nora!

Finally! Last week I told Linda that Kate and I were past ready to meet Nora (darned covid) and she said to come on. It’s a bit of a drive to get to PTC but it was so worth it. Made my heart happy; we love these friends.