Some travelled, some stayed home.

Worth and Ashley went to a conference in San Francisco and we got to spend time with these cutie patooties! We spent the weekend in Tifton and then I took them home Sunday and stayed with them there. 
This was about ten minutes after we got to the house!
The toy suitcase still rates as one of my better ideas. 

Ellie wanted to do a sewing project. How could I say no? We made
a small purse and it turned out great, confusing instructions notwithstanding. 

You’d never know a hurricane had blown through
earlier in the week.

The Dawgs were struggling and our CBS tower was down anyway,
so feeding the fish seemed like the best option.

Dubs brought ice cream goodies home and it was a mad scramble. 

The hammock, a perennial favorite. 

Love these three!

I spent a lot of time in the car Monday getting everyone to school and back and then to after-school activities; don’t think I took one picture! Not sure how Ashley gets it all done!

Tuesday was crazy hair day. Mack insisted on a mohawk
and with his sisters’ hair products, we did it!

These two have so much energy.
Glad to get some of it out while Ellie was at volleyball practice. 

Showered up and waiting for Ellie to get home…

…and the excitement of being “booed”. 

Everyone made it home safely and I got back to Tifton around midnight Tuesday and ready to be lazy on Wednesday! Miss them already.

One Hundred Years Ago

My grandparents, Edwin and Kate, married October 17, 1918.

He was 18 and she was 17.

He was the second oldest of thirteen and she grew up as an only child after the death of her little sister. I don’t know how they met but do know that he won her away from another serious suitor! Important to the story is that my great-grandfather was a Methodist minister…

license dated the same day as the marriage

The wedding came as a surprise to everyone, as recalled by one of my grandfather’s younger brothers in a letter to me.

excerpt from letter sent to me by Emilio (Dick) Ernesto Cavaleri (there were four Emilios!)
I’m so glad I struck up a correspondence with my great-uncle or I would have never known that story. My grandmother and I were very close and both interested in genealogy and family history and she never shared it with me! She did tell me that I should wait until after I finished college to get married, though. 
They did manage an announcement in the Atlanta Constitution. 

As far as I know there is no photographic evidence of the day, but this is my favorite picture of my grandparents as a young couple. Love those smiles.

Kate and Edwin

UGA vs. TN

It was hotter than we thought it should be and a few were jealous that I’d volunteered to take the boys back to the house while everyone else went to the game! 
I have no idea what this face means!

If you want to keep track of the kids,
just throw out a gallon bag of boiled peanuts. 
Now if Grey can learn to “peel” his own peanuts, it will all be good. 

Sweet friends from Tennessee.

One version of double trouble.

Love this kid. 

Taking a break and looking like his daddy. 

Emma is so sweet; she spent a long time with Grey
and he loved throwing the football with her. 

Eating again, bbq and such. 

Grey honing his corn hole skills. 

E.W. and the parents of these kids WERE there, despite the lack of photographic evidence!

Two again.

Seeing what Dubs brought. Grey’s digging the ice.

Another birthday party? Well, okay then. 

These two didn’t stop talking long enough to eat supper. 

Cupcake, candles, and cousins.

He’s done this before!

Sweet two-year-old. 

Junebugs SSI 2018

Now that we’re all retired, we postponed our 26th annual trip to SSI until September. It was wonderful! Plenty of parking places, pool time to ourselves, cooler weather, and the beach was busy but not crowded like it is in June. 
beautiful day to arrive

poolside cocktails
no one but us was at the pool

our busy artist

this view never gets old

a bit of a struggle in our effort to forego hauling a tent down

we decided to hire a professional
 (in the loosest sense of the word; his mind was definitely altered)

much better

sandbar keeps growing

my happy place

occasionally we wore something besides swimsuits and pjs

picked a perfect day to leave

another wonderful week with the junebugs
and we’re already looking forward to next year