Slumber Parties

Mack was not invited to Ellie’s birthday slumber party Friday night but we were happy about that because that meant we got him all to ourselves! When it’s just him, we have our own slumber party because he sleeps on the love seat in our bedroom. I didn’t take many photos because from the minute he got here until suppertime he and I played Legos nonstop (with a few timeouts for hugs and he melted my heart when out of the blue he told me he loved me). We had a pizza movie night, then Dubs did bath time duty while I got his ‘bed’ ready. Saturday was a football day, so after a few hours of play we took him home and watched the first half of the game with the survivors of the slumber party. Dawgs won but the Buffalos lost in overtime.
Wide awake!


Some sort of distance competition that involved a launch pad.
I was drafted to be the judge.


Bob has spent more time at our house than his lately. Dubs and Mack
gave him a ride home. Fortunately, that crazy cat loves a ride and
barely has to be asked before he jumps up, ready to ride.


Our new word was mesmerizing. He spent a long time flipping this over
and over, watching gravity work on the blue liquid inside.


Saints, Dawgs, Buffalos, and a Mystery Reader

Before we got into the Saints, Dawgs, and Buffalos, we had some down time with our Athens kids. 
Kate’s boys adore her (promise, she’s under there!). 

Laundry helpers find out that mama’s tank tops make great super hero capes. 

Grey thought two would be better than one. Banks ended up sleeping in his!

Friday I was lucky enough to be the mystery reader for Banks’ class. He had no idea I was going to be there and was so proud when he opened his eyes and saw me. Precious. The kids in his class were adorable. I even got to go to playground time; the best part of that was catching Banks being so kind to a classmate who fell.

Friday afternoon I rode with Mary Ann out to see her new home; no pictures of that because we were too busy talking about all of the wonderful things she is going to do after she moves in at the end of October!

Saturday was the day for football. First up: the Saints.

Put me in, coach! I’m ready to play the game!

After sweating with the Saints, we headed to the tailgate.

Just a little disheveled. Shirt unbuttoned, hands covered in icing,
and who knows what is on his face!

Would love to have heard this conversation between Bo and Kendall.
Looks like he is explaining the double knot technique. 

The kids’ tailgate.

It was so hot but never to hot to have this sweet boy on my lap. 

Also sweaty and disheveled. 

Special day.

My date!

We left the Dawgs at halftime so we could get home and watch the second half of Tyson and the Buffs. They were playing rival Nebraska and the Buffs were down 17-0 at half. Ugh. However, Colorado came out strong in the second half and regulation ended with a tie. So nerve-wracking!

photo credit: Bo

photo credit: Bo

When Nebraska’s field goal attempt went wide, our group went wild! SO happy for that outcome!

screenshot of Tyson and Coach Tucker
(and random fan with a sombrero – why?) 

After we all calmed down, Bo requested that I take his picture. No idea why, but since he’s a hard one to catch (always on the move, that kid), I did. Adorable.

After church on Sunday:

This kid unloaded more than anyone except his dad. 

Ha. It’s a lot of stuff. 


Keeping an eye on littlest brother. 

He thinks that million dollar smile will get him out of anything.
He’s partly right!

Shark Birthday Party

Mack’s birthday is Wednesday and he celebrated with a shark-themed party yesterday. Kate brought the boys down; so good for cousins to make memories together.

The day started, of course, with pancakes. If Berryman boys are in the house, there’s a real good chance that chocolate chip pancakes are going to be, as well.

Pancakes on the griddle. 

No idea what this pose is all about. Poor lion is getting kind of squished!

Could this possibly be comfortable?

Or this?

Around ten we left for the party. It was overcast with rain predicted around one o’clock (party was to be from 11-1). A few miles before we got off the interstate, it started pouring! Apparently there was a narrow band of rain crossing just over Valdosta. 
Swimming in the rain. Why not?

These two weren’t mad about having to get out of the pool. 

Banks will tell you flat out that Ellie is his favorite cousin.
She is so sweet with him.
She had to leave early to go to the dance studio and he was sad. 

Beautiful inside and out. 

Any time all six of our grandchildren are lined up together is a good time. 

View from the other end of the bar!

Always a cookie cake for the Bowers kids. They learned from their daddy!

I will never see Mack with a birthday cake without
thinking of his reaction to his cake when he turned two

Another cookie cake fan. 

Sweet Emma shared her chair with Grey
and coached him on ice cream technique. 

The weather cleared up and the pool party was back on track.

My babies. 

Winning the battle. 

This slide saw a LOT of action. So fun. Look at Bo’s smile.

Banks got over his initial fear of the slide quickly.
Jumping into SIX!

Banks let Grey have a turn on the raft. 

These two. 

After such a busy day and a golf cart ride to the pond to feed the fish, it was dining al fresco, baths, and bed!

Not sure what this face is!

Serious about some green beans.
After they left Sunday morning, it was mighty quiet at our house. These beautiful hydrangeas that Banks brought to me are a sweet reminder of the weekend. 

Now on to Athens

Crazy times with these three with Jay out of town, house renovations, and Bo’s first day of school! Still managed to have breakfast with Mary Ann and supper with Betsey and Eve while I was there; so enjoy keeping up with these friends!
Boys being boys. 

Put me in, coach! Batting left-handed.

All three on the sofa Grey got from the cousins at Christmas,
eating animal crackers. 


Love his laugh!

Grey isn’t too sure about Banks!

First day of first grade for Bo!

Group effort, getting Bo into his classroom the first day!

While Bo was at school and Kate and Grey were at speech,
Banks and I had a date. He chose Outback and then we did some
serious shopping at Dollar Tree. 

Bo’s people waiting to hear about the first day of school…

…and the traditional first day of school frozen yogurt. 
Ashley sent us this picture of the Bowers kids having
their traditional first day of school yogurt!

New door…

…so a new pantry can come to life!

The master bathroom will, at long last, have a door!

Also new everything else!

Weekend with Mia and Dubs

Looking at beach photos on the Nixplay frame. 

Dawg Feast for lunch. 

We won’t discuss who is having that bread with ham sitting on it;
can’t really call it a sandwich!

This is what my house looks like when grandchildren are here
and I am good with that!

The German hat. Again. 

Our sweet neighbors offered their pool.

Jumping Ellie,


and Emma. 

That smile!


This precious child is growing up fast. 

Wednesday at the Beach

Good morning, ocean!

All six. Just doing what they do. 

Traditional pose. 

When Auntie Kate / Mama says jump, you jump!

Reverse traditional pose. 

Jay and Banks. Love this. 

All my kids and their kids. Happiness. 

Grey had a moment. 

He got over it. 

Mia ponied up for Italian Ice cookies. Blue Vanilla all around.

Sweet Emma.

Somehow Ellie had wrangled a coozie earlier in the week. 

Headed to condos for rain (lightening) delay.

Late afternoon baseball. 

Apparently Ellie made a great play.

Running bases; not sure what happened to Grey
but he’s definitely doing his disappointed pose. 

Tuesday at the Beach

(Some of the photos are from our shared photo album but I want them here for my enjoyment!)

Brain trust; the next generation. 

My beautiful daughter-in-law and her two beautiful girls!

Emma always touching and loving!

Kate and Ellie with their twin smiles. 

Kate and our sweet Emma. 

Ready to rev up the churn. 


Found a float.

Pool time before churning.


Everyone is ready for pizza and ice cream.

Banks demonstrates reeling in a big fish.

Still snacking.

Everybody has to take a turn…

…Grey doesn’t quite know what’s going on yet. 

Banks explains it takes muscles to churn!

Grey gets coached.

Bo knows what to do…

…then Mack…

…and Emma…

…and Ellie!
They sat down for a minute…

…but ice cream excitement got the best of them.

After ice cream they worked in another pool session before showers & bedtime!